Counselors & Teachers Overview

page_counselors-teachersNECSS partners with counselors and teachers to engage students and parents in the college and career readiness process.  It is our partnership’s responsibility to prepare all students for success in career, college and life. The academic and career planning programs are aligned with rigorous academic and industry standards. Teachers participate in meaningful professional development on curricula and instruction, standards and assessment, and academic integration.

This section will give you the tools, resources and staff information to plan and monitor student academic and career goals. To assist you in developing learning and student success plans in your high school, we are providing you with the following college and career planning resources:

These college and career resources are available to help counselors create an academic plan that can be discussed and implemented with your students and parents.

The Program of Study tool allows students, parents, counselors and teachers to develop custom 6 and 8 year education and employment plans based on student career planning goals.

The Program of Study tool will help students select secondary and postsecondary course work in academic and career and technical education. Each Program of Study is built upon a curriculum that addresses career planning cluster/pathway knowledge and skills, as well as national and state academic standards. Where appropriate, high school students can select courses which allow them to earn early college credit and/or industry recognized certificates.