School and Business Partnership Overview

Developing school and business partnerships between partner high schools in Chicago’s northwest suburbs is a fundamental goal of NECSS. Business link the classroom to the workplace via: advisory committees, internships, teacher externships, site visits, career planning, problem-based learning for student research and development. NECCSS member districts 211, 214, 220 and Harper College are eager to team with business partners in the preparation of students with the academic and technical expertise required to succeed and remain competitive in a global economy.

Illinois Pathway and  STEM Learning Exchanges
Supported by a partnership between the State of Illinois’ education and economic development agencies, Illinois Pathways supports local programs that empower students to explore their academic and career interests while also supporting new statewide, public-private partnerships known as Learning Exchanges that better coordinate investments, resources and planning for those programs.

STEM Learning Exchanges were formed for selected career clusters to improve the coordination and delivery of resources, work-based learning opportunities, career guidance, and partnerships that support local STEM programs.

Job Posting and Resume Search
Business partners interested in job posting and resume search may use Harper Employer Services.